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Novated Leasing

Have you heard about Novated Leasing but never quite understood it enough to be confident to provide this solution to your clients?

At BrokerLink Australia, we make Novated Leasing simple with a bolt-on solution to provide quick, plain English competitive quotes via a simple 2 minute application. 


Then we do the rest.

BrokerLink Australia will complete the approval, compile the documents, have them signed by all required parties, and settle the contracts, allowing you to get on with selling your services.


Our service provider has been offering Novated Leasing solutions for over 10 years through vehicle dealerships and finance brokers.


We know our product and our solution works.

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What is Novated Leasing?

Every car needs fuel, tyres, maintenance, registration, insurance and, in most cases, some form of finance.


Salary Packaging, or a novated lease, simply lets you pay for these expenses before tax, so your client pays less tax. It's that simple.


Where the complexity comes in is the relationship with the employer.  BrokerLink Australia will do all of that work, we establish the relationship, set up the deductions, and provide the reporting. 


Once established you're free to do more Novated Leasing with that employer. 

You get access to our 24/7 portal

We have designed a simple online system that allows brokers to quote a novated lease in front of the client. The client then has the information to make their purchase decision. Simply complete the application and we do the rest.


Our system allows you to control the vehicle sale, finance, and insurance on salary packaging / novated leases.

Our system is used by over 450 user sites throughout Australia. 

A complete system to control Salary Packaging customers including;

  • SA Government


  • ACT Public Service

  • Australian Defence Forces

  • Centrelink 

  • ATO

  • WA Government

  • NSW Government (Excluding Education)

  • and any private employer that allows Novated Leasing

Why use the VSA's Salary Packaging Software?

Control and Income

Most Government departments and larger private businesses offer their staff choice when it comes to where they can purchase, finance, and insure their Salary Packaged vehicle.


This is where your Brokerage can use our online system to quote and submit an application for your client.


Our system allows you to control most Novated Leasing, so that you are not having to introduce your clients to another financier and possibly risk a greater loss of business.

Click the button below to view the Novated Leasing client facing website.

Our online portal allows you to create a quick, transparent, easy to read quote in seconds.

Below is an example of our system generated quote.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 6.29.41 am.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 6.29.57 am.png

Novated Lease Case Studies

Different employees have different needs and vehicle requirements.


Please find below a set of Novated Lease case studies that will provide an example of what can be achieved with a competitive Novated Lease.


If you are interested in a Novated Lease on your next vehicle, a great place to start is our Novated Lease Calculator.

The calculator will provide an accurate guide as to the cost and saving that can be achieved.

Novated Leasing is an ATO approved method of paying for your car and running costs like fuel, tyres, schedule services, registration, and insurance before tax.


This means you pay less tax and have more money in your pocket.

As you can see there are benefits for all employees on any salary.

Our solution is simple, easy to use, and will save your clients thousands a year in tax.

We are here to set your portal up and provide full support on training and all ongoing questions.

Click below to view the client facing website for Novated Leasing.


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