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Our founders, John Waters and Paul Lewis have worked in the Mortgage Broking and Financial Services industry for over 30 years.

Over those years, our individual journeys lead to us to realise the importance in diversifying our businesses. Over time, we up-skilled ourselves to become both Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners.


This enabled us to become Financial Services General Practitioners - In essence, creating a “one stop shop” for our clients.

Along the way we added more products and services to our businesses. This strengthened our value proposition and client reach, which of course lead to greater client engagement, retention and referral businesses.

Since the Royal Commission in 2018, we have seen unprecedented reforms imposed on our industry.


We recognised immediately the opportunity to help other Financial Services professionals incorporate true product and service diversification into their businesses.


We thought about how we can help to incorporate this diversification quickly and easily, without the need to engage in intensive up-skilling or the risk of losing clients to external referral partners.

We wanted a solution which would allow a Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner or Accountant to engage with their clients on a more holistic level - to be able to service their financial needs beyond the core business of their practice.


We thought about the common models adopted in the industry to achieve these goals – up-skilling, employing, referring. Each of these approaches has its own set of challenges and can be difficult – even impossible – for many small businesses to achieve.

We created BrokerLink Australia to allow a Financial Services professional the opportunity to engage with their clients and offer a full suite of products and services without the pitfalls, costs or risks of the traditional methods.


The key difference with our model is that you maintain the principal client relationship at all times.

We offer a unique partnership solely focussed on delivering quality products and services to your clients for your business that you otherwise would not be able to do.


We are here to service the needs of your clients, on your behalf, to give you the opportunity build a truly diverse and complete Financial Services business.

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