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Build a Better Business

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We provide

Product Diversification Solutions

for Financial Service Professionals

Whether you're a Mortgage Broker, Accountant, Planner or another Financial Services professional, product diversification is the key to greater client engagement and retention ...... and greater income.

BrokerLink Australia can give you the diversification you need with the benefit of retaining the exclusive relationship you have with your client.

BrokerLink Australia will NEVER take your client.


We act for YOU and support the growth of YOUR business by providing the diverse range of financial products you need, but otherwise may not be able to provide.

Not a regular referral partnership

Typically, if you want to offer products and services outside your area of expertise, you would have to seek referral partners and give your clients to them.


The problem with this arrangement is that you give away your client to another business .... another brand .... another relationship.


No matter how good your relationship is - the fact is that you are sending your client elsewhere - you are giving your client multiple relationships and fragmenting your service proposition.


BrokerLink Australia knows that your clients want to deal with you - they trust you to look after them.



We work with you

So we work with you to provide the product or service requested then hand the relationship back to you...


We do not ever promote our brand to your client and most certainly NEVER market to your client or offer products or services which you have not specifically requested for us to provide.

When you request for us to provide a product or service, we keep you central to the relationship - we explain to the client that we are working with you to facilitate the transaction.


You are kept up to date throughout and when the transaction is complete, we fade into the background allowing you to continue to foster and strengthen your relationship. 

We make it


Central to everything we offer is the understanding that it has to be easy for you to introduce, implement and manage.

We've got you covered - we do it all for you and on behalf of you - we even have the marketing solutions for you.

You choose your required services

  • You choose which products and services you want us to provide.

  • ONLY the products and services you engage us for will be acted upon.

  • We will not discuss, introduce or suggest anything outside of our agreed engagement.

  • Your client will never see or hear "BrokerLink Australia" mentioned anywhere.